French women are known around the world for their seemingly effortless style and beauty. With the recent release of the book French Women Don’t Get Facelifts by Mireille Guiliano, women everywhere have become obsessed with how French women achieve such flawless skin and manage to maintain it as they age. Follow these simple tips inspired by French skincare to get more youthful, vibrant looking skin:


Drink Water

French women drink water throughout the day, which prevents their skin from becoming dehydrated and helps to flush out all toxins which lead to breakouts. This routine is ingrained in the French culture and seen as a vital way to create young, flawless skin from the inside out. In addition to drinking lots of water, French women also utilize mineral water sprays for instant moisture and hydration.


Don’t Pile on the Makeup

French women are pros at the au natural look, and why wouldn’t they be? With such great skin, they don’t need to use a ton of makeup to cover up blemishes. This routine in turn leads to even healthier skin, because less makeup equals fewer breakouts. Rather than piling on buckets of makeup, follow the lead of French women by using minimal makeup as a way to enhance your natural beauty and create a fresher look.


Establish a Routine

French women have meticulous skin care routines. You can create a similar routine by ensuring that you wash your face and moisturize every night. In addition to this, invest in a good face mask that is free of parabens and other chemicals. You might even create your own. French women use face masks at least once and sometimes twice a week to maintain fresh, youthful looking skin. If you are looking to splurge, try scheduling regular facials. France is covered with facial salons, in big cities and small towns alike. This is a staple in the French woman’s beauty routine and likely a factor in their amazing skin.


Invest in Great Skincare Products

Buying quality skincare products is like taking an insurance policy out on your skin. These products not only help you look great from day-to-day, but also lay a foundation for healthy looking skin in the long term. Investing in these products now will save you from having to get Botox or a facelift down the life. Try products from Crème Simon, a French brand that has been around since 1860. You can find out more about their brand and products at