Dry skin can leave you feeling itchy and comfortable — not exactly a prescription for a good night’s sleep. While you may be in the habit of slathering on body oil or lotion before heading to bed, step up your bedtime routine with our tips for soft, smooth, sleep-ready skin.


Scrub Away the Dryness

If you currently use body scrubs, good for you! You’re already on your way to comfortable, touchable skin. If not, it’s time to make a habit of exfoliating in your bath or shower. Exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells and allows your moisturizer to penetrate the skin more deeply. For most of us, twice-weekly exfoliating sessions are sufficient.
Be a Bathing Beauty

A night-time bath is a great way to wash away your cares. Be sure to enhance your skin-softening efforts with warm water, not hot. Water that’s too warm can be drying as can a too-long bathing session. Avoid dehydrating your skin further by skipping alcohol-based products and potentially harsh deodorant soaps. Limit bathtub time to 10 minutes for the same reason.


Maximum Hydration for Your Skin

Follow your bath or shower with a great moisturizer. Body oils and rich creams are especially good at helping your skin retain moisture. Try alternating with a quality body firming lotion for youthful firmness. Slather on your moisturizer of choice while your skin is still damp to help achieve the silky smoothness you want.

Naturally Soothing Fabrics

What you slip into after your moisturizing routine is important, too. Wool and synthetic fabrics can leave you itchy, but cotton and other soft, breathable fabrics won’t irritate the skin. You’ll sleep better in natural fabrics, and you won’t end up risking red marks from scratching.

Skin-Nourishing Noshing

If you enjoy a little evening snack, choose a treat that’s also good for your skin. Try a handful of walnuts, or sprinkle a generous helping of flax seeds on a cup of yogurt. Wash it all down with a glass of hydrating, skin-loving water.

Softer, healthier skin is definitely within reach. From uncovering fresher skin with body scrubs to making wiser snack choices, small changes in your nightly habits will have your skin looking and feeling better in no time. Whether it’s applying a body firming lotion or cutting down your shower time, add a positive new habit every evening to start seeing real results.



American Academy of Dermatology