Wood furniture faces several threats in Malaysia. One of the most common is staining from cups or glasses. Condensation, spills or even heat from a cup can stain the surface of the wood. You should know about a few fast and simple techniques for removing stains from your wood furniture.

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Start With an Oily Product

The first and easiest technique is to start with an oily product and a clean cloth. A microfiber cloth will work best. You will want to use an oil-based furniture polish. If that is not available, then petroleum jelly can be used as a substitute. Wipe a small amount of this on the stain with the cloth. The idea is that the oil is going to move the liquid causing the stain out of the wood so that it can be absorbed by the rag. This works best with fresh stains that you just noticed. This technique is not likely to work with older stains and discolouration. Clean and buff the surface if the stain vanishes.

Baking Soda and Toothpaste

You can easily find baking soda and toothpaste in your home or nearly any grocery store in Malaysia. Combine the two in equal amounts until a loose paste is created. Dampen your microfiber cloth or rag. Apply the paste with the cloth in small circles. Apply some pressure since this is intended to be a light abrasive. The baking soda might be able to dissolve the particles causing the stain. The toothpaste will gently grind away anything that is left behind. Do not press too hard since you do not want scratch the surface of your table. If this works, then move on to the cleaning stage. If it does not, then wipe away the mixture and try mineral spirits.

Mineral Spirits

The final way to quickly remove stains on your wood furniture is to use mineral spirits. Get good quality spirits with no additives. Use a clean and disposable rag. Dip it in the mineral spirits and squeeze until it is not dripping wet. Put a little in an inconspicuous area to make certain it will not harm the wood finish. Proceed only if it is safe. Wipe the mineral spirits over the stain gently working in circles. Do this a few times and monitor the progress. If this does not work, then it might be necessary to sand away and refinish the stained area.

Cleaning Up the Furniture Afterwards

You want to clean and buff your wood furniture after removing the stain. Use a clean, damp cloth and wipe down the surface to ensure that none of the cleaning substance is left. Get some paste wax and apply a small amount. Work the wax into the wood to create a thin protective layer that looks attractive. Finish by buffing the surface with another clean rag until you are happy with the finish. If you own a piece of the best furniture in Malaysia, then this cleaning technique will leave the piece looking like new.

Do not let stains stay on your wood furniture for a long time. If you spot a stain, address it immediately. They become harder to remove as the stain sets into the wood. These fast techniques can help you to keep your wood furniture free from stains for a long time.