The two most common vision problems are nearsightedness and farsightedness. The names used to describe these conditions are accurate in describing the extent of the person’s range of vision. Someone who is nearsighted can also be referred to as having short-sightedness. This means the distance or range of their vision is very short. In most cases, the person usually can see clearly for a distance of one to five feet. Because perfect vision is the ability to see clearly for a distance of twenty feet, people who receive short-sightedness treatment will be prescribed corrective lenses.

Short-sightedness also has a medical name which is myopia. The methods used for myopia control will often depend on the degree of the problem and the willingness of the person to try alternate methods of correction. People who have myopia, have problems with where the light coming into the eye is focused. Rather than being focused on the back of the eye to create clear vision, the light falls short of the back making it difficult for the person to see things which are far away. In some cases, this condition can be due to relaxed muscles around the eye from spending too much time in close proximity to lighted television or computer screens.

When the problem occurred as childhood myopia, it could be harder to correct through alternative methods, but not impossible. The methods used for short-sightedness control include eye exercises designed to strengthen the muscles surrounding the eyeball. When the condition is due to inactive use of these muscles, the exercises can dramatically improve the distance the person is able to see clearly. Even when using the exercises as a myopia treatment, the person will still need to wear corrective lenses until their vision improves.

The exercises to strengthen the eye muscles require the person to move their eyes in a side to side motion and an up and down motion stretching the muscles as far as they can go. This movement will also increase the blood flow to the muscles which will help strengthen them. While the exercises are beneficial the degree to which they will improve a person vision will vary according to the severity of their condition. People with high myopia might have a slight improvement in their overall vision. The exercises should be done on a regular basis several times a day. New prescription lenses may be required as the person’s vision improves.

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