A dedicated server hosting is a highly specialized hosting where a fully managed web server is dedicated to the needs of one user. While dedicated web hosting has been specifically designed for large websites that get millions of visitors every day, even smaller companies can benefit from dedicated server hosting offered by www.oneserver.my. With this type of service, you get full root access to your server.

How Does Dedicated Web Hosting Work? 

Can The Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting Be Worth It? Dedicated web hosting plan is more secure and flexible than shared hosting service. If you buy this service from www.oneserver.my, you won’t have to share server software and hardware. In shared web hosting, there are hundreds of other users using the same server. This can affect the performance of your website. With dedicated web hosting, your website is hosted on one single server, which means you won’t have to share system resource such as CPU power, memory, or disk space with others. Your website will run at a blazingly fast speed and can handle thousands of visitors simultaneously.

Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting 

In dedicated web hosting, an administrator can manage the server and has more control over it. Therefore, it is more secure and stable than shared web server. By knowing everything that is installed on a server using full root access, a system administrator can take vital decisions on application and software updates necessary for maintaining the dedicated web server, and to keep it running in optimal condition.

Dedicated web hosting also offer increased reliability, as server administrator can optimize page loads easily by tweaking variables such as general server resource allocation and page load speed. This reliability and stability means greater customer satisfaction and increased realization of bottom line goals.

With dedicated web hosting, you won’t have to share hardware or software with other sites on a server. In shared web hosting, when a site is hacked, even websites of other users are adversely affected. Each data configuration error puts your website data at risk. This risk is not there on a dedicated server as you are the only user.

The support you get may vary depending upon the company offering these services. Some providers offer backups, technical support, OS updates, application updates, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, and efficient database administration. Some companies have minimum add on features, whereas others may offer you extra features such as spam monitoring, control panel, and complete ecommerce solutions.

Dedicated web hosting allows users to develop highly complex applications and solutions, including streaming media and high-end email solutions. FTP (file transfer protocol), domain name system, and email capabilities are also included. Variations of Linux and Unix are also included at no extra cost to the customer. You can choose applications and software that are best for your needs.

The biggest benefit of dedicated web hosting is that you won’t have to buy or maintain your web server. All hardware or software issues are resolved by web hosting company at no additional charges. Lastly, you can also run applications and custom firewall that are not allowed on a shared web server.