Technology is expensive. That is the main reason people are in search or they find affordable ways to earn. Cheap printing is one of them. The printing technology has evolved in so many ways along with the computer innovations. They are usually paired-up together to yield better results. My friend Chee Yew Wen convinced me to start a printing business in our locality. He said it’s a good way to earn because we live near the schools and offices and there is a local government election in the next 4 months. That means, there is an increasing demand for these services in our town. As I was looking online to buy cheap printers to start the business, I found these UV printers for rent or for sale. The advertisement convinced me to buy it because it makes use of cheap printer ink and at the same time eco-friendly. It uses 100% recycled paper or tarpaulin for printing, with high image and lettering quality, too.

Our small business has been doing good since its start. Customers come by and enjoy our printing services for photos, tarpaulins, flyers, documents, banners and even school papers. It’s just a nice feeling being able to earn, help and learn at the same time.

Watch this UV printing technology