Buttock augmentation is an aesthetic surgery that will enhance the shape and the size of the gluteal area, making it look uplifted and fuller.  This procedure has been popular for a decade now and has continued to provide more options to augment the buttocks in a fast and effective way. There are two procedures today that are widely sought after by people who wants to achieve more defined buttocks. These butt lift procedures are the following:

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Autologous Fat Transfer 


This method of augmenting the buttocks is also called the Brazilian Butt Lift. This surgical procedure is done by transferring the excess fats from a part of your body to your buttocks.  It basically enhances the shape of your butt by using your own fat without having to worry about any reaction towards the implants, making it the most natural way to enhance your buttocks.


How is it done?


First, the surgeon will perform liposuction using suction tubes on the parts of your body with excess fats.  These areas are commonly your hips, abdomen, thighs, or back. Then, the fat collected will be processed to make sure it’s ready to be transferred.


The fats will then be injected into your buttocks using a syringe which is connected to the cannulas where your own fats are stored and processed. As it is injected, the fats are grafted in layers making sure a precise amount of fats are injected in every layer.


The cannula is moved back and forth to make sure that the fats are in place properly for a smooth and more linear deposit of the fat so that it will be easier to reshape perfectly.


The Autologous Fat Transfer (also known as the Brazilian Butt Lift) is one of the most preferred procedure in butt lifting, however, it’s also a more expensive option.


Buttocks Implants 


This surgical procedure uses silicone implants instead of fats. This is appropriate for individuals who don’t have a lot of fats in them, in other words thin.  Since the implant used in the procedure is silicone, it cannot maintain a fuller looking buttocks in case you lose weight, and instead, it will leave the area to sag.


How is it done?


An incision will be made through the buttock crease in order for the wound to be not visible after the surgery. The incision on the buttocks crease will be the portal of entry for the silicone implant. Once inserted, the implants are then positioned properly in order to achieve finely shaped buttocks. The incision made on the buttocks will then be sutured and a drain will be inserted to ensure that the debris is removed from the inside. Compared to the Brazilian Butt lift, this procedure requires close medical attention during the recovery period to address any reaction to the implant that might arise.


A well-shaped buttock provides a better overall body contour, and will definitely make you look better in any outfit, especially in beachwear. If you think you need buttock augmentation, be sure to check with a specialist in order to guide you on what type of procedure best suits your condition.