More and more people today are becoming aware of their need for good health. People are working out more and eating healthier than before. Because of this new trend to become healthier and fitter, the consumption of sports drinks have also sky rocketed. But is this a good thing? Are sports drinks good for us? Shouldn’t we just drink water? Isotonic drinks, otherwise known as sports drinks, are shown everywhere as the drink for athletes. You see athletes consuming the sport drinks on T.V. and in magazines everywhere. This is a good sell because we all want to be like our heroes, but those heroes work hard to become the athletes that we see in those ads. Exercising can cause us to become dehydrated. That is why we drink fluids to stop ourselves from becoming dehydrated.

Dehydration is a big risk involved in exercising. Just 10% of fluid loss from the body can stop the heart from circulating blood throughout the body. When we sweat, not only is water sweated out but also nutrients the body needs. These nutrients are call electrolytes. These electrolytes control the transfer of water between body systems. Isotonic drinks are made with electrolytes that help the active bodies need for re-hydration. Our bodies must have fluids in order to operate correctly, but if there is a high amount of electrolytes lost, water alone can be harmful. Sports drinks balance out that mix. Isotonic drinks are formulated with a 6-8% carbohydrate balance. This is the best solution for the body.

On the other hand sports drinks also contain high amounts of those sugar and carbohydrates that can completely undo all the exercising you just did. Most athletes work out for many hours a day, and they practice whatever sport they are involved with. For this amount of activity, sports drinks work well. Every bit of sugar or carbohydrate that the drink puts into the athlete, is burned up. Carbohydrates are used by the body to help you get the best action from your muscles. It would be better for the average person who is going to only work out for about an hour a day to seek out more healthy drinks like water. There have also been theories stating that the high sugar and citric acids in sports drinks can lead to tooth decay. To prevent this from happening you should consume the beverage as quickly as possible and if possible rinse your teeth off. Refrigerating the sports drink will cause the citric acid levels to be reduced. Sports drinks are great for re-hydrating on those days that you worked your body for more than an hour, but if you aren’t going to be working out like that, and then you might want to stick to water. Did you know why ice lemon tea is also a health drink? Click here to find out.