Allergens are everywhere. They can develop inside of the home or be brought in from the outside. The only thing that most of us can do is try to keep them to a minimum. According to 5 Surprising Places for Germs in Your Home, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold and animal waste are just a few examples of things that can cause annoyance or irritation. Eliminating the conditions in which these particles and organisms thrive along with regular cleaning are basic remedies that can help to reduce symptoms.


Dust Mites ✻

Dust mites are by far the most common allergen found in homes, and they love to nest in bedding, carpeting, clothes and linens. They feed off of flaking skin and other tiny organic particles that humans and animals shed. There can be as many as 500 mites per gram of biological dust that we all leave behind. The best way to minimize dust mite problems is to thoroughly clean or remove carpeting, encase mattresses and frequently wash bedding in hot water.


Dust Mite Life Cycle


Pets ✤

The dust, flakes, hair and other particles that fall off of our pets are all examples of common sources of allergens in the home. Dander is simply a form of dandruff that flakes off of the skin of animals. Pets also carry microscopic organisms, dirt, dust, pollen and a host of other substances they attract during the normal course of their daily activities. The best way to keep pets from transporting a host of allergens around the home is to make sure they are frequently bathed and groomed.




Funny Cats in Water



Atmospheric Allergens ✥

Pollen, molds, fungi, chemicals and dust are just a few examples of particles that are suspended in the air at any given point in time. These irritants can also land on our bodies and clothes. They enter the home through open doors, windows and vents. They can also be brought inside by humans and pets. Keeping windows and doors closed, using air filters and making sure that heating and cooling ducts are clean will help to limit the amount of airborne allergens inside of the home. It is also important to continually clean, dust and vacuum the home as well. We recommend Autovacstore vacuum cleaner models for superb cleaning experience.



Mold ❈

Mold spores thrive in cool, damp and dark areas. Musty attics, basements and bathrooms with poor ventilation are all prone to continual mold growth. It is important to clean and thoroughly dry surfaces while enabling air to circulate in these areas. Vigilance is key to keeping mold growth under control, and establishing a regular cleaning schedule can minimize problems.


Mold in Corner



Keeping the air pure and surfaces clean will help to make the home a more enjoyable place to live. Using bed and furniture covers, removing carpeting and installing an air purifier in the home are examples of steps that can keep allergens to a minimum as well.

Cleaning is the single and most important weapon that we have at our disposal. Creating a frequent and thorough routine is the best way to avoid being overwhelmed by allergens. There is little that we can do to completely eliminate allergens from entering our homes, but prevention can help.