Many people are dreaming of heading out on the open road during their future, warm weather vacations. While they investigate the best destinations and attractions to suit their interests, the desire to save money even while on vacation persists. No one likes thinking about drastically cutting out fun parts of their trip to save money; after all, the fun activities are the very reasons to go on vacation. That’s why finding painless ways to save money like maximizing fuel economy is so popular even for those who have not completely jumped aboard the eco-friendly bandwagon yet. Here are just some ways that the average driver can save on fuel on their next great road trip.


#1 Take Care of Car Maintenance Prior to Trip

It is a great idea to have one’s mechanic conduct a vehicle safety check before heading out on long trips. This activity is only partially done to make sure that travellers are not hauled back home in a tow truck an hour into their trip. Achieving correct tire pressure is the fuel saving reason for the check up, however.


#2 Pack Light

The heavier the car’s load, the less fuel-efficient the car is. This is incentive to leave unnecessary items at home and only pack absolute essentials.


#3 Park and Ride Even in a New City

People who are unfamiliar with a city tend to spend a lot of fuel riding around aimlessly. While this wandering is sometimes a great way to get to know a new area, it does waste a lot of fuel. This type of sightseeing is best done on public transportation if one is in a city that provides a good transit system.


#4 Avoid Rush Hour in Destination City

Avoiding fuel burning rush hour traffic in the destination city is just the same common sense that most people employ while driving in their own home town communities.


#5 Drive the Speed Limit

There is no shame in staying within the law’s stated speed limit so go ahead and take it easy like a true tourist.


#6 Determine Cost Effectiveness Of a Hybrid Rental

Many people decide against taking their own vehicles on long trips for different reasons like extra miles as well as wear and tear placed on their vehicles. Those people would do well to consider renting a hybrid electric vehicle for their journey. One can even try to find a deal on renting a hybrid car with one of the new peer-to-peer car sharing programs.


#7 Plan a Walking or Biking Sightseeing Trip Instead of Driving Around the City

A unique and fuel saving way to really explore and enjoy a city is by walking or biking it. Depending on the destination city, one is even likely to make a few new friends.


#8 Utilize Cruise Control

Enabling the car’s cruise control is a key way to stay at or below the speed limit which significantly saves on fuel charges.


#9 Roll Down the Windows and Catch a Breeze

The car’s air condition is an essential amenity when travelling in some areas. During milder climates, a good way to save on the cost of fuel is to turn off the air condition and get some fresh air.