TIf you’ve never shopped for basic home and kitchen appliances before, it can be confusing and overwhelming if you don’t really know what you’re looking for. With so many home and kitchen appliances on the market, how do you know which ones you should get? Follow these seven tips for first-time buyers:1

  1. Dishwasher The type of dishwasher you should get depends on your family’s lifestyle or your home. Open floor plans or small homes would benefit from more elaborate dishwashers with noise reduction functions, hidden controls, and energy efficiency functions. For those on a budget, lower-end dishwasher models typically feature simplified controls and are fuss-free in terms of usage.2
  2. Ventilation system Keeping your kitchen properly ventilated is a must to avoid potential kitchen hazards. The more appliances you have in the kitchen (i.e. heating elements like burners, griddle, or integral grill), the more you’ll need higher ventilation systems. The type of ventilation system you need depends on your kitchen, so research manufacturers of your choice and ask them for recommendations.3
  3. Ovens Always choose an oven based on your cooking skills and experience. When it comes to oven, choose the energy efficient one to conserve energy and save more on your monthly bill, like most conventional ovens. If you prefer to bake fast, opt for a convection oven (please note that it uses more energy).4
  4. Refrigerators For those with large families, it’s better to get energy efficient refrigerators with large capacity units and several added functionality. If you don’t cook often or live alone, get the simple built-in model.5
  5. Sinks Sinks have various colors, sizes, shapes and depths, with materials ranging from quartz, enameled cast iron, to stainless steel. Under-mount sinks are highly recommended for easy cleaning and preparation of dishes in the same place.6
  6. Water dispenser With a water dispenser, you don’t have to waste time boiling water since there’s the cold and hot option. Choose a sleek design hot and cold water dispenser that’s energy efficient.7
  7. Cooktops or stoves When it comes to cooktops or stoves, there are three options for you to choose from: electric, gas, or induction. It’s recommended that you choose gas to save more and to cook faster.

Cooking and preparing meals is your kitchen’s primary function, so you need to choose the appliances carefully for the long run. Sometimes, the best appliances aren’t the ones that are the most expensive. As a rule of thumb, purchase appliances that come with the functionalities you know you’ll use a lot, to make the investment worthwhile.