An average wedding in Singapore ranges from $30,000 to $50,000. It doesn’t come as a surprise, given that it is one of the most expensive cities in the world. If you’re planning a wedding, and you’re more concerned about doing it ASAP than about the budget blues, these are 6 helpful tips for planning a fantastic wedding without making it feel like it’s rushed.sweetheart-beading-belt-remove-jacket-backless-tulle-wedding-dresses-sisi-bride-store-online-2014-wedding-gown

  • Check options for wedding dresses online Nothing beats the feeling of trying on your wedding gown to see if it perfectly fits. But what if you can’t even find the time to try the gown in person? It wouldn’t hurt to check options for wedding dresses online. As long as you provide the accurate measurements and the dress suits your style, shopping for wedding dresses online is a smart, time-saving move. One more thing, check if the shop has a secure payment option and a good return policy.madinat-jumeirah-conference-and-events-centre-joharah-ballroom-hero
  • Book a restaurant Booking a hotel ballroom takes time and is more expensive. Why not contact your favorite restaurant, and ask if they serve buffet-style for your wedding guests? There are restaurants in Singapore that even serve better food than hotels. Some can even cater to more than 200 guests, if you have as many. If you have a small wedding, consider the dinner set menu offered by most restaurants.paperless-post-2
  • Consider paperless invitations We’re living the days when even our grannies are active on social media. Why not send your friends and loved ones an e-invitation? It will save you a lot of valuable time, since you don’t have to design, print, and send the invitations by postal service. You’ll even feel good about the paper and trees you saved! After all, the main purpose of an invitation is to let your guests know the ceremony and reception details.tux1
  • Rent a tux for the groom Tuxedo rental is not new in Singapore. You can even find a classic suit for the groom at a decent price. Just match comfort with style and you’re good to go. If you’re really short on time, find a service that can do a fitting session in your office or your home.stevenson_ridge_rustic_wedding
  • Have a friend photograph your wedding It’s not that easy to find a photographer who will be available on your wedding day since most of them prefer booking in advance. You might have friends who are aspiring photographers or those who take it as a hobby. Ask them to do the favor, just make sure to check if they have the necessary equipment like a good working camera and
  • Fill in the paper works online In Singapore, the filing of notices of marriage can be done only through the Internet. Moreover, it only takes around 20 minutes to fill. Just make sure you read all the requirements posted on the ROM website before filing.

A last-minute wedding preparation can be as magical as the one that is planned for years or months. Just stick to the essentials and don’t hesitate to get some help. After all, the thing that matters most is what comes after you both say “I do.”