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Whether you are looking for a way to show your man how much you appreciate and adore him on Valentine’s Day or just want to show your man how truly special he is at any time of the year, some simple, effective pampering can accomplish the task. When you want to make any day a particularly special one for your special man, here are six surefire ways to elevate your relationship by pampering your man.

  1. Concert or Sporting Event. If you really want to put a wide grin on your man’s face, surprise him with a pair of tickets to see his favorite band or to a sporting event. It’s guaranteed time together while putting him in the best possible mood. That you took the time to do something for him and attend together will make him adore you even more.
  2. Be Motherly for a Day Many men are just big babies at heart, and that’s why we love them. No matter how manly your man might be, he will love it if you do something simple, like doing his laundry on a whim. The idea isn’t to be his maid, but to show him you care and are willing to do even small things to make him feel special.Image result for Buy and Apply Skincare Products for men
  3. Buy and Apply Skincare Products. No matter what your man does for a living, his skin likely suffers from neglect and ill effects from workplace demands. There is a wide selection of skincare products for men available that can improve any skin problems he might encounter, such as dry, chapped hands during cold winter months.

When you take the time to identify your man’s skin type and by the appropriate skincare products for him, his hands and skin will thank you. If you take the time to apply the lotion, he’ll thank you and love you even more.

  1. Surprise Him With a Favorite Meal. An old adage goes: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. While you already have your man’s heart, his stomach and the rest of him will adore you even more when he comes home to find his favorite meal hot and ready to satiate his hunger. You don’t even have to cook the meal. You could order takeout from his favorite restaurant.Image result for Initiate Intimate, Non-Sexual Contact
  2. Initiate Intimate, Non-Sexual Contact. Many men love a good snuggle and cuddle with his loved one. When you display such intimacy with your man, you share a prolonged, highly romantic and extremely intimate time that will help you two bond more thoroughly, and sex does not have to be the final result.
  3. Learn Something. He Likes Odds are, your man really likes something you either don’t like or don’t know anything about. Whether it’s a hobby, a favorite sport, or something else that particularly strikes his interest, when you take the time to learn more about it, he will be very impressed and should appreciate your effort to get to know more about something he enjoys.

Pampering your man often means doing something simple, yet meaningful, that thoroughly demonstrates your devotion to him and your relationship. These six suggestions should help you to show him how much your relationship means to you while increasing your affection for one another.