Ankle injuries are extremely common and occur every single day. People with weak ankles have higher chances of developing a sprain or injury. Having a sprain can definitely cause discomfort and can limit a person’s mobility. Learning to treat an injury, especially if you are an athlete, is crucial. Luckily, treating a sprained ankle isn’t complicated, and here are a few tips that will help you heal as quickly and painlessly as possible.

✚ ICING THE INJURY   Although there isn’t any scientific evidence that states that ice can help treat an injury, a lot of people find that applying it to their injured ankle during the first 48 to 78 hours proceeding the injury helps manage the pain and reduce the swelling. The reason why ice can provide instant relief from the pain of the injury is because the cold can numb the area and target the swelling. In addition to icing the area, you can alternate a hot and cold pad so you can get the benefits of the heat and cold.


icing injured ankle


REST   Spraining your ankle is serious and can lead to bigger problems if you don’t get enough rest. As soon as you get the injury, you need to keep your body weight off the affected foot so it can have the chance to heal. Constantly putting weight on the sprain can cause it to heal slowly or even worsen. You should also avoid doing activities that require the use of your ankles for at least two weeks. 




 PROTECTION   A sprained ankle is extremely sensitive and is prone to developing fractures or torn ligaments, which can require surgery. Therefore, wearing a protective brace during the first week after you get the injury is a crucial aspect of the recovery process. In addition to wearing an ankle brace, you might need to use a walker or crutches so you don’t put pressure on the ankle.


Ankle Protection

 ELEVATION   Elevating your sprained ankle is a simple way to help the bruising, swelling and pain associated with the sprain die down. In order to recover as quickly as possible from the injury, elevate the leg for two to three hours every day.




 TREAT PAIN ✚  If you start experiencing pain after your injury, you can take an over-the-counter painkiller to ease the discomfort. Surprisingly, applying a little bit of rubbing alcohol to the affected area can help reduce the pain and inflammation of the sprain, thus helping it heal faster.
Overall, a sprained ankle can heal by itself, but if you don’t see that the injury gets better on its own, you’ll need to visit some doctors from Providence Orthopaedics for ankle treatment.