Woman Stretching Her Legs Before Workout

Many people who go on an adventure in Malaysia find themselves gaining unwanted weight. Who can blame them? The food here is fantastic. It was heartbreaking, nonetheless, to go up one size in clothing, and we don’t want you to experience the same. So here you’ll find 5 tricks to stay fit while traveling:1

  1. Plan a no-equipment workout routine. There are tons of workout routines that you can do without any equipment, so scour the Internet or ask your fitness trainer for no-equipment routines. You can set your own pace and schedule for this type of routine, so it allows for freedom and flexibility to fit into your traveling schedule. Feel free to modify the routine to fit into the space available to you.2
  2. Search for local gyms. Before you go, search online or ask among your friends if there are local gyms in your destination. There is a wide range of options to choose from, and you will almost always find a local gym to get a workout in or do yoga in Malaysia. Keep your eyes peeled for discounts or promos for new users. If you’re staying in a hotel, ask if they have a fitness center that you can use for free.3
  3. Bring lightweight exercise tools. You can also pack featherlight equipment such as resistance bands or jumping ropes. Did you know that jumping ropes for 10 minutes is as effective for cardiovascular strengthening as 30 minutes of jogging? With a decent amount of space, you can use these tools hassle-free.4
  4. Download a fitness app. There are also tons of mobile apps that can take the place of your personal trainer. You can set up a workout routine, track your progress, and see results. These apps also have extensive collections of built-in workout plans and even meal plan suggestions. Take your pick and find the best fit for you. The best thing about this is you can take it absolutely wherever you go.5
  5. Bring measuring spoons and cups. Eating up a whole bag of chips while on the road is an easy feat for any traveler. It’s easy to lose track of the amount of food we eat while traveling and singing along to your jam, so packing tools that will help you maintain normal portion sizes is a great way to avoid gaining unwanted calories.

Sometimes it’s easy to fall off the fitness track when traveling. But with these tricks, you can stay fit and healthy while exploring the world. Staying fit while on the go has never been easier. Happy traveling!