Getting a job in interior design can be a struggle especially if you are just a fresh graduate or if you’re coming from a very different field. With that said, you have to be persistent in your job-hunting approach. Always keep in mind that there are other people out there trying to get the same job you want. The question in your mind should be: what do I need to do to keep myself ahead of the pack? You can start by applying the strategies below:

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1) Learn about the most important things that companies would like to see in job candidates.

Companies looking for interior designers consider a lot of factors in deciding who they are going to hire. Such factors include work experience, confidence, ability to sell one’s work, ability to work with others, work ethic, and technical skills. As a person looking for a job in the industry, you should take note of these factors and use them as your guide when you apply in a certain company or when you go to an interview. Awareness of these factors will prepare you for the questions that a hiring manager might ask from you.


2) Don’t be afraid to accept internships.

Always keep in mind that interior design is a creative industry. In creative industries, you build your name and reputation by consistently putting out unique and high-quality projects. Accepting an internship would be your first step in getting the recognition you want. Not only will you get the exposure that you need, you will also get the chance to make connections with people in the industry. Here’s something to motivate you: a lot of the world’s greatest interior designers started out as interns.


3) When you submit a resume, customize it so that it will reflect the products, services, or culture of the company you want to join.

In short, integrate your design skills in your resume. Being unique is the key here because it will immediately attract the attention of a hiring manager. If you submit a bland resume that’s very similar to the ones submitted by other applicants, it’s going to end upĀ  in the ignored pile. A common adage in the design world states that you should treat your resume as if it’s a design project. When a hiring manager opens it, he will immediately see who you are and what you’re capable of.


4) Keep on selling yourself and your skills.

Self-promotion is a very important tool in finding an interior design job. If you don’t put yourself out there, there’s no way for potential employers to know about your skills and your work. It’s highly recommended that you create a blog or a website where you can highlight your best work. Try to be active in social media sites as well. You will be surprised at the number of creative people hired by companies after seeing their work in social sites like Facebook and Instagram.


5) Connect with people involved in the industry.

Knowing the right people can open up job opportunities for you. There are a lot of resources online like forums, blogs, and social sites where you can interact with like-minded individuals. You should also take the time to attend events like conferences and trade fairs. These events often hold job fairs featuring companies looking for interior designers.

In a nutshell, you have to be persistent and creative if you want to get a job in interior design. You should also assume the mantle of a self-promoter. As the saying goes, the loudest ones get the most attention. And in this industry, attention can lead to high-paying job opportunities. So never stop selling yourself and your design skills