Over the last two decades, plastic surgery has become increasingly popular among members of the general public. Now more affordable than ever, prospective patients are able to select complicated cosmetic procedures that once were only performed on the bodies of the rich and famous. However, many patients still worry about their prospects for achieving natural-looking, effortless results through plastic surgery. At times, selecting a surgeon for your procedure can seem like a gamble, especially when each doctor recommends a different series of surgeries, described with technical jargon you may not understand. Fortunately, the following set of five steps can help you achieve the natural-looking results you are looking for from your first cosmetic procedure.

1. Maintain Realistic Expectations for Your First Procedure

Most surgeons recommend that you strive for minimal changes, especially if you are hoping to avoid results that look fake or plastic. Do not feel pressured to complete all of your desired procedures at once. In order to achieve results that make you look refreshed, natural, and younger, it is best to implement minor tweaks over time to slowly and gently improve your appearance.

2. Consultation is Key: Obtain a Variety of Quotes Before You Commit

The most satisfied clients are those who do a significant amount of research and planning before committing to a cosmetic procedure. Before visiting with any doctors, make sure to review your finances to establish a price range that you are comfortable with. Then, consult with several surgeons about your goals, requesting information about their recommendations. Be sure to take notes. Finally, request brochures to take home with you so that you can properly compare all of your options side-by-side.

3. Quality Comes First: Don’t Sacrifice Skill for Price

In preparation for your first plastic surgery procedure, be on the lookout for deals that seem too good to be true. Though some practices might offer extremely appealing reductions on surgery costs, the savings are not always worth it. Often, surgeons without the proper certifications offer prices far below a client’s expectations to rope them into a commitment. Instead of scrimping on service costs in your area, explore surgical options abroad in countries where highly-skilled and experienced surgeons can offer procedures at lower standard costs. Many clients, for example, prefer to seek out procedures for breast enhancement in Singapore due to a reduced standard of living that increases the affordability of plastic surgery.

4. Keep Communication Open and Honest With Your Doctor

Surgeons do not appreciate any surprises, especially in terms of a changing timeline. If an unexpected obstacle comes up in your calendar that might jeopardize your recovery time, let your surgeon know as soon as possible. A rushed schedule might impact how your procedure heals in the coming weeks. Most doctors are happy to postpone procedures with clients who openly express concern about their surgery and post-surgery plans.

5. Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions Throughout Your Recovery Process

A successful surgery does not end on the operating table: patients can only expect perfect results if they follow their doctor’s orders throughout the months following their procedure. Be sure to attend all follow-up appointments, and do not hesitate to schedule an additional meeting is you are concerned about any unexpected symptoms or changes in your appearance.

Overall, refreshing your appearance through cosmetic surgical procedures does not have to break the bank, nor does it need to lead to regrets or embarrassment. Never before has plastic surgery been so precise and effective, and it is no wonder why more and more people are looking into having their first procedure. Equipped with these five tips, you’re well on your way towards achieving the natural-looking results you have been hoping for.