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A new year is right around the corner and it’s time to re-evaluate if you’ve given your skin the care and pampering it deserves. It’s also time to come up with better routines on how to keep your skin healthy and vibrant. To help you out, below is an overview of some of the most important ways on maintaining your skin’s health and natural glow. In tropical countries like Malaysia, these routines are primordial, because of the additional heat and humidity.

  1. Not to miss applying cleansers, toners, and exfoliants every morning.

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It’s worth mentioning here that you should use the products in this order. A cleanser gets rid of the dirt on the surface of your skin. A toner washes away oil and remnants of makeup that are still sticking to the skin. And last but not the least, the exfoliant goes deep into your pores to clean out grime and prevent clogging. Furthermore, these are body care products you can buy online so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of them.

  1. Begin using non-comedogenic makeup and face producs.

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The number one reason why makeup can damage the skin is that they often clog the pores. However, if you use non-comedogenic products, you don’t have to worry about harmful clogging, because the makeup comes with re-hydrating functions that prevent clogging. You can check if a makeup product is non-comedogenic or not by looking at the product’s label.

  1. Start putting on sunscreen, moisturizers, and lip balm whenever you go out.

Related imageAs we mentioned earlier, the weather in Malaysia can be harsh to the skin because of the heat and humidity. This is why you need to use sunscreen, moisturizer, and lip balm at all times. Sunscreen protects your skin from ultraviolet rays produced by direct sunlight. A moisturizer keeps your skin cool and prevents it from drying out. And a lip balm hydrates your lips and prevents it from flaking, drying, or cracking.

4. Not to forget washing your face before going to bed.

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This is very important if you are fond of wearing makeup and other cosmetics during the day. If you go to bed without going through a facial wash, the combination of makeup, dirt, and grime on your skin can harden and clog your skin pores. This usually leads to acnes, pimples, black heads, and possibly infection. The problem can be worse if you have oily skin. Excess oil is notorious for hastening the formation of pimples and acnes. But if you use facial wash every evening, there are less reasons for acnes to form.

  1. Seek a dermatologist regularly.

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Sometimes, you can’t do everything on your own. There are instances where you do all the things discussed above but your skin problems persist. In this case, you should visit a licensed dermatologist to help you determine what’s wrong. Sometimes, skin problems can be caused by things other than dirt, grime, or oily skin. Consulting a dermatologist is the only way to find out what these causes are.

Aside from visiting a dermatologist, majority of these routines don’t take much of your time. For instance, applying cleansers, toners, and exfoliants can take just a few minutes. Furthermore, these routines have long-term effects since they are effective in preventing the formation of acnes, pimples, and blemishes.