If you’re working to keep the pounds down, a good addition to your arsenal is detox drinks for weight loss. Tasty and easy to make, these drinks are a good alternative to soda or caffeinated drinks like coffee and tea.


You don’t have to drink sludge just because you’re dieting. Just give in to your temptation for a refreshing drink without the negative side effects.


All of the following drinks are made using easily available fruit and vegetables. Even better, you can prepare them in your kitchen by yourself in just a few minutes.


  1. Lemon Water

The easiest and most popular detox drink, all you need are two ingredients: lemon and water. Just squeeze the juice from one lemon and add it to a glass of water.


If you find this too sour for you, try cutting a few slices of lemon and add it to your water.


Cool and refreshing, this drink is suitable for any time of day. Add mint to it to give it a more interesting taste. Mix it in a big pitcher and add in the ice, and you’ll have a cooling drink to enjoy in the afternoon heat.


Try adding honey to this drink too. Warm and comforting, this mix is suitable for when you’re winding down after a long day.


  1. Cooling Cucumber, Lime, Lemon and Mint Infused Water

This one needs a bigger container, so get a small pitcher or a mason jar. Cucumbers are the main ingredient for this drink, and gives it a refreshing and cooling taste. The other ingredients to include are lemon, lime and mint.


All you have to do is cut up a few slices of each ingredient and drop it into your container. Add in a few leaves of mint too in between the slices. Then add water. That’s it!


And if you ever finish your drink too fast (I don’t blame you), just add more water and you have a second drink on your hand.


  1. Watermelon Water

A suitable drink to have on a hot day. It’s recommended to use seedless watermelons, but regular watermelons are okay too.


To prepare it, cut up a few slices of watermelon and place them in a cup, filling it about three quarters full. Fill it with water, then leave it in the fridge for a few hours to cool down.


  1. Green Tea And Lime Water

Green tea is known for its antioxidants and light amount of caffeine, making it a natural weight loss drink that also gives a jolt of energy.


You’ll only need three ingredients for this: a bag of green tea, mint and lime. To prepare your drink, cut a few slices of lime and mint, and put it aside for now. In a big glass, put in water and your green tea bag, and let it sit inside the fridge for a few minutes to cool down, and for the green tea flavour to seep into the water.


After that, remove the tea bag, and add the lime and lemon into the water, then let it sit again in the fridge for a few minutes.


  1. Mango And Ginger Water

This drink does more than detoxing. Ginger is known to relieve pains such as nausea or migraines, and helps digestive issues like heartburn. Mangoes, besides tasting great, also helps with digestion.


Just cut a few slices of ginger and mango, and drop it in your cup. Top it with ice to help keep the ingredients down and soak in the water.


Low Fuss Drinks


All of these ingredients can be easily found in your local supermarket. You probably already have a few of these in your kitchen right now.


Just cut them up and add water, and you have a detox drink ready in your hand.