There comes a point for many people when a job just is not working anymore. It could be for a ton of reasons, but not every reason is legitimate enough to warrant quitting. Making a sudden career change or quitting in a public manner might seem tempting, but it really is not beneficial. While determining how to resign or even if it is time to do so, consider these five clues.


#5. No Proper Salary

One of the most common reasons for people to quit a job is the lack of a proper pay rate. Many companies expect their employees to go above and beyond, but they do not provide the salary to back it up. Employees are overworked and under-appreciated, all in an effort to save money. A lot of people start out with specific duties and are paid a competitive wage, but somewhere along the way additional duties are added without a pay adjustment. If a raise has been and gotten rejected, it may be time to look for something else.


quit job#4. Not Enough Challenge or Success

Tedious and boring tasks are likely and often unavoidable, but there should have ample opportunity to have tasks that are challenging. This is a vital part of advancing the self, skills, and career. First, make sure that the employer knows that challenging tasks are an option. If he or she is aware but still keeps employees on the side lines, it is time to move on.


#3. Excessive

It is natural to have a small amount of stress from daily life, including what comes from work. Everyone has a tiny amount of dread when the weekend comes to an end and we must return to work when people become physically ill or severely depressed, however, it is often due to excessive amounts of stress. Similarly, no one should not feel overly anxious or panicked at work. Too much stress is hazardous to a person’s health.


#2. Uncertain Company Future

If employee paychecks have not been coming on schedule or the bills are barely getting paid, there may be some financial instability. Is the company downsizing or cutting more costs than usual? The company might be a stone throw away from having to shut down, leaving people without a job.


#1. Unhealthy Environment

In any workplace, employees have the right to expect to be and feel safe. Coworkers and bosses that use intimidation, fear, and verbal abuse do not provide a healthy environment to work in. The job becomes toxic to anyone, literally. If at any point the environments feel unsafe, quit immediately and find a new job @RecruitPlus that is safe.


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