If you’ve got accepted for that appealing job in Penang, a gentle pat on the back or a big ‘Congratulations’ is too underrated. You deserve a lot better. You must have been doing good in your field to get relocated or you must be so lucky to land that job. Why? Not that your work is a next-to-perfect haven but Penang is. And if you are still in doubt with that, here are the top reasons why moving to this state is a good decision for your new job in Penang.

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Penang is just about 351 kilometres away from Kuala Lumpur. And although it is separated by the Selatan Strait from the mainland Malaysia, a number of buses or coaches are in operation to take you there through the Penang Bridge for a minimum fee of RM31. But if a 5-hour drive doesn’t suit you, you can always take an hour flight from plane companies.


Delectable Food 


As Penang is diverse, it has become the home of different cultural cuisines served by 5-star hotels and restaurants and even by street hawkers. In fact, Penang’s capital, Georgetown, is known to have the best street food in Asia. This has made the state attractive to tourists from all over the world. But if you cannot live without cooking for your family, you need not to worry. A lot of inexpensive ingredients is in store for you in the local market.


Picturesque Beaches 


If the sumptuous food is not enticing to you, how about a glass of champagne on your hand, or a touch of the sun on your skin, or a tickle from fine white sands on your feet in a romantic beach front resort?  Penang has breathtaking beaches that you can only imagine. So, be ready to be blown away every weekend.


Cheaper Cost of Living 


Although Penang is one of the country’s most developed states, food, rent, and some other goods are still cheaper here than in the country’s capital, giving you lesser excuse to save up. A furnished unit in an apartment complex near the beach and equipped with tennis court, pools, and squash court, watched over by a security guard 24 hours a day, would cost RM1,200 up to RM5,000 a month. If you want a lot cheaper place, apartments in Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi will only cost you RM1,200-RM3,000 a month. You can also send your kids to a day care centre with good reputation for RM180-RM300. The fee already includes morning tea and lunch.


Penang is indeed a place that holds a world heritage and a fusion of cultures and lifestyle. It is a promising land that keeps world-class historic treasures, waiting to be discovered.