As a prudent business owner, you may have considered using shared servers for your web hosting and other data needs in the interest of saving money. Indeed, shared servers are quite suitable for companies that want to test the waters and whose websites receive little traffic.

However, as your data needs grow and your requirements for reliability, performance and security increase, you’ll want to use a dedicated server instead.

The last thing you want is for your website to crash or to take forever to respond in the face of increased demand from customers, clients and other interested parties. And when it comes to letting your employees save and access data from remote, a server dedicated for your own use is the ideal solution.

Using a shared server typically requires multiple organizations to share the same IP address. To use your own IP address, you’ll need a server dedicated for just your use.



A dedicated server will give your organization much more reliability. You don’t have to share storage space and bandwidth with other companies. This means that if another site is overwhelmed with traffic, you won’t have to suffer from the server slowing down or even crashing like you would with a shared server.

An IT team at your server provider will constantly monitor the equipment and software to ensure that you have the highest level of uptime. This is particularly important when you are storing mission-critical data on your server.


Better Performance

As the user of a dedicated server, you can expect to see much better computing performance. For example, when using a shared server, you have to share such system resources as disk space, memory and computational power with every other organization that is using the server.


Proper Environment

One important reason why organizations choose to go with their own server is the difficulty in maintaining a proper environment for long-term storage. Servers require special handling and need to be situated in climate-controlled rooms with low humidity.

They also need backup power supplies and physical security mechanisms that many business owners lack the proper resources to supply on their own. Your server company will have an IT staff on hand to monitor the climate and keep the server room safe.


Highly Secure

You may have heard from companies offering shared server services about how they maintain security by blocking unauthorized access to your data. They will say that their software solution is bulletproof.

Keep in mind that physical separation of your data from other organizations is a much safer approach. In fact, if your organization must comply with privacy regulations such as HIPPA, you will have no business keeping confidential data on a shared server.

By using your own server, you completely eliminate the accidental breech of data that can occur with shared servers.

Owners and managers of organizations that need highly reliable and top-performing servers should know that dedicated servers are the best option. You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data will remain safe and accessible around the clock, with all your information stored on equipment that no one else can access.


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