Across the world, different cuisines developed by different cultures incorporate rice into many of their signature dishes to create delicious and filling meals. All things considered, rice really is the grain that fuels countless nations. Rice comes in a wide array of varieties, and each brings something unique to the table.

If you want to know what rice variety will best suit your needs and preferences, follow these tips when you buy rice in Singapore:1

  1. Consider Grain Length – What many don’t know is that the length of the grain tells more about a specific rice variety than any other feature it might have. Short grain rice varieties look round and stout, containing more starch than other shapes of rice grains. When cooked, short grain rice takes on a sticky texture, which makes it ideal for things like sushi. Long grain rice varieties have much less starch, which is why they don’t stick together very well when cooked. Stir fried rice dishes are often made with this type. Finally, medium grain rice is right in the middle of short and long grain, commonly used for dishes like paella.2
  2. Understanding Colors – Rice comes in three colors – white, brown, and black. Aside from giving you different opportunities for presentation, these colors indicate what kind of nutrition you’ll get from your rice. White rice has been processed to remove all coverings of the grains. While they’re less nutritious, they can be stored much longer and take shorter to cook. Brown rice is a less processed alternative with only the outermost husk removed from the grain leaving both the germ and the bran intact. Finally, black rice has been through no processing at all, which is why they have much shorter shelf life despite being the healthiest option when it comes to rice colors.3
  3. Know the Source – Different kinds of rice grown in different parts of the world are likely to have differing tastes and textures. It’s important to know where your rice is grown to figure out whether that particular flavour will work well with your dish. Aromatic rice varieties are often grown in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Sticky rice varieties are common to Japan, Korea, and China.

Stay in the know when buying rice. Remember these essential tips when you visit your local market or grocery store to buy a grain that will really give you the best outcomes.