Singapore HDB

The home that you choose to rent in Singapore will have a significant impact on your budget. Many people will make the decision to look for a new house for rent when their landlord increases their rental payment. Others will choose to move to a new home when their financial situation changes, such as when they change jobs and their income adjusts. When you have decided to move into a new space that may be more suitable for your current financial situation, you want to ensure that your rental payment will be affordable for your budget. With this three step guide, you can be successful in finding an affordable rental in Singapore.


Pay Attention to All Related Housing Costs

If you think the only aspect of your budget that will change when you move into a new house in Singapore is your rental payment, you may want to think again. While your monthly rental payment will be the largest expense that will adjust when you move, the fact is that other related expenses may also change. While smaller in size, the combined effect of these changes with other related expenses can either beneficial or disadvantageous for you. Consider, for example, how everything from parking fees and commuting costs to utilities and more can impact your budget. In some cases, the home with the most affordable monthly rent is not actually the most affordable housing option for you when you factor in all of the other related expenses.


Consider Government Subsidized Housing

You should also look into the requirements for an HDB rental before you make a decision about where to live. The Singapore government strives to provide affordable housing to those in need, and you may qualify for the reduced rent available through HDB housing. Qualifications are posted online, and they are related to income, age and several other factors. You can research the requirements for these properties through the HDB website, and you can even start searching for rentals under this program online if you qualify for the program.


Find the Best Home for Your Needs

When your goal is to keep expenses low, you should focus on finding the best home for all of your needs. With some homes that are not quite perfect for you, you may have to store some of your belongings in an off-site storage unit, invest in new storage features or even replace furnishing so that your new pieces are more suitable for the layout of the space. As you tour each of the rental options that you are thinking about moving into, you should find the one that is a best-fit for your needs to save money.

While you do want to find a rental in Singapore that has an affordable monthly payment, there are other factors that can impact your budget as well. Pay attention to each of these points as you shop around in order to find the best overall deal.