When it comes to keeping beautiful nails, there are different methods you are able to use in order to ensure the very best quality of your nails. Some of the very best cosmetic brands, such as Deborah Lippmann and Butter London @ Luxola help you show off your beautiful nails, and although best buy cosmetics are helpful, there are some methods you need to utilize in order to maintain and keep those beautiful nails you are looking for.

Moisturize Your Nails
Just like the rest of your body, you need to keep your nails moisturized and hydrated. Drinking the necessary amount of water is necessary. This is six glasses of eight ouches of water, at least, each and every day. Whey you stay hydrated it is going to improve not only your skin and complexion, but your nail quality as well. You also want to add a bit of body moisturizer to your nails to. Just because the nails are made up of different material from your skin doesn’t mean you are not able to moisturize with the same methods as your skin.

It is important for you to receive the necessary amount of protein and calcium your body requires each and every day. When you aren’t receiving the necessary amount of protein and calcium, the first signs often appear on your nails and hail. You can use a calcium supplement in order to obtain the necessary calcium. If you are lacking the amount of protein you require for your body and are not able to obtain it through your diet, including a protein shake or drink is a good way to do this. You need to obtain at least half a gram of protein per pound you weight, in order to maintain a healthy weight and have enough protein on hand for the rest of your body, including your nails.

Protect Your Nails
Ultimately, you need to protect your nails. If it is the winter months, make sure you wear gloves. When you wear gloves it is going to protect the nails from dry, cold weather, and help ensure the nails are always looking their best. On top of this, you always need to wear some sort of moisturizer with sun screen on the nails. If you don’t, your nails might end up become darker than what you desire. With these simple steps, you can greatly improve the overall look of your nails.

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Nail Care Routine: Longer, Stronger, Brighter Nails!