Graduates that earn degrees in the area of finance have a lot of opportunities before them. This is one of the best fields for people that are interested in numbers. There are certainly lots of opportunities to make large sums of money, but as in most fields the entry level jobs much be acquired first. The following presents several entry-level job options for those that are eager to get started in this field.

Bank Teller 
The early careers of finance majors are often comprised of jobs that allow them to handle money in banks. This is where lots of finance graduates get the chance to see how transactions are processed with deposits and withdrawals. They become accountable for keeping track of cash that flows in and out of the bank. These tellers are also responsible for encoding checks and balancing things like ATM deposits. The bank jobs offer great training experiences with handling large volumes of money on a daily basis.

Financial Analyst 
The job of a financial analyst is one that lots of people strive to obtain. There are also lots of analysts needed all over the world. Finance jobs in Malaysia are very sought-after due to the lucrative rewards. These jobs may start off at entry level with secondary levels that extend up to senior level positions.

People that work as a financial analyst may be able to find jobs where they are analyzing stocks or company trends. These analysts may also have jobs where they are responsible for things like collecting data on spending and tightening financial budgets. This is all a part of the bountiful things that analysts are responsible for.

In-Demand Job: Financial Analyst


Accounts Payable Clerk and Accountants 
Others jobs that are also found through the world for finance graduates include positions like accounts payable clerks and accountants. The clerks help companies put lots of the administrative financial operations in action.

Other people in the finance field may acquire a job as an accountant. This job has some similar duties to the account payable clerks, but there are often more duties associated with this. A person that majors in finance will have a lot of opportunities to get a job wherever they are. This is why so many people are interested in this type of professional. The financial industry needs professionals that are willing to learn. Job opportunities are bountiful.

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