Gone are the days where soon-to-be-married couples are sticking to their culture’s traditional wedding attire. These days, almost everyone can wear wedding outfits from other cultures without much backlash. For the adventurous kinds, these are the 10 most gorgeous traditional wedding dresses in Asia that you can wear at your wedding:1

  1. Chinese wedding dress: Qun Kwa


Qun Kwa is an embroidered long gown with Chinese elements such as phoenix and dragon at the front. Qun Kwas often come in the combination colors of red, orange or gold.2

  1. Malay wedding dress: Baju Kurung


Baju Kurung is a two-piece outfit comprising of a long and loose top with a long skirt. The Baju Kurung comes in many colors, and can either have simple or intricate design, depending on personal taste.3

  1. Indian wedding dress: Saree


Sarees often come in various colors and ornate styles, and are normally made of silk.4

  1. Filipino wedding dress: Baro’t Saya


Although most Filipino brides wear western wedding dresses nowadays, there are those who still wear the national dress, Baro’t Saya, in white.5

  1. Indonesian wedding dress: Baju Adat


The country has regional traditional costumes which are often worn for wedding called the Baju Adat. The regional costumes include Javanese, Buginese, Lampung, Batak Toba, Batak Karo, Minangkabau, Malay Riau, Malay modern,  Aceh Gayo, Balinese, Betawinese, Sundanese, and Javanese. What these costumes have in common is their aesthetic value and colorfulness.6

  1. Thai wedding dress: Chut Thai Phra Ratcha Niyom


The Thai national dress is made of silk, and is a popular choice for Thai brides. Creamy and pastel colors are often worn for weddings.7

  1. Vietnamese wedding dress: Ao Dai


Ao Dai is a two-piece outfit where the bride wears pants paired with a long tunic made of silk worn over the pants.8

  1. Korean wedding dress: Hanbok


Hanbok is a multicolored gown comprising a high-waist skirt called chima and a jacket with long ribbons called jeogori.9

  1. Afghani wedding dress: Kuchi


The Kuchi traditional dress is colorful and bright, featuring geometric patterns and intricate embroidery.10

  1. Japanese wedding dress: Kimono


The traditional garment is a straight-lined, T-shaped robe that comes in many colors and styles.

If you decide to wear something that is not of your culture, make sure you learn the cultural taboos and everything that needs to be known to avoid offending people of that particular culture. For example, the color black is a no-no for a Chinese wedding. While it’s important to look good at your wedding, you must also be sensitive to other people’s cultures.